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Baby foot

Een doula is niet aan te merken als medisch personeel.

Het doel van een doula is om via goede communicatie en empathie zelfvertrouwen te schenken aan de moeder. Om haar een gevoel van veiligheid te geven. Om haar te begrijpen en te respecteren. Zodat zij de zwangerschap, bevalling en het kraambed op serene wijze doorstaat.

Familie Cebrián -Galan

Baby Paula

"Yusette is a great doula and a better person. She helped us through the whole delivery process the day our baby girl was born. Having her with us made such a big difference. Even without having that target in mind, we ended up not taking any painkillers, which felt very empowering. All and all things went quite well, and we know that was to a great extend thanks to the support and experience that Yusette brought to us. We are pretty sure we could not have done it this way without her. We are thankful to Yusette for her support and her kindness, and wish to have her with us if another baby were to be on his/her way."


Familie Quesada-Palmeiro
Baby Josephine

Being pregnant is a challenging time for all women; of course we are extremely happy but also anxious and nervous about the delivery and the next stage in our lives.


From my personal point of view and my experience, having a doula is a must if you are a pregnant expat in Holland.

I am extremely grateful of having Yusette Lumey as my doula for the birth of my baby Josephine.

Having a doula is much more than having someone helping you deliver at home, for me Yusette was part of “my team”, as I used to call her and my husband.

She was a great advisor during the whole pregnancy, always providing us with information and  material about pregnancy, methods and techniques but also she was a kind, lovely friend always ready to listen and support you with kind words...

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Familie Baiao-Dowsley

Having Yusette with us during preganacy, labour and first weeks as parents was really important. Her charisma, knowledge and support were key elements to keep us relaxed during the process,and secure about our decisions.

Since the first meeting, I felt that she would be  special for the most important moment of our lifes.

Familie Fernandez-Jorge

Baby Jon

We had a fantastic birth experience. I've never thought that I could give birth without any pain relief.

With Yusette I was able to decide by myself that we could try to handle labour without any pain relief and we did it.


Yusette supported us during the whole labour process, giving us our space but at the same time being present guiding and helping us in all we needed. The words and the acupressure massaging were helping me to handle the contractions...

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Familie Amin

I prepared myself for birth in some way, but I had no idea how difficult and challenging the puerperium could be. To have company from another mother was essential for me - specially because I was far away from home and family. I have a wonderful husband that stayed with me, but eventually he had to go back to work, and I stayed alone with the little one. For me, having the company of Yusette cherished my heart. It was nice to talk to another mom - about motherhood and other things -, and to be cared for with so much affection. I just wish we had done it sooner.

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